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Gerald Worth, P.E., is patent counsel in the Patent Law and Intellectual Property Practice Groups at Proskauer. He helps clients obtain and enforce intellectual property rights in the U.S. and abroad. He is responsible for the maintenance and development of patent portfolios for clients involved in chemical engineering, chemistry, thermoplastic polymers, statins, medical devices and compositions, consumer products, catalysis, energetic (explosive) materials, propellants, electrochemistry, batteries, fuel cells, flame retardants, plasma generation systems, plasma torches, business methods, consumer electronics and computer software. In recent years he has represented clients in dozens of inter partes review (IPR) matters.

Jerry brings over 20 years of technical industrial experience to the legal profession. Before becoming an attorney, he worked as an engineer for Dow Chemical, CITGO, Polaroid and other multi-billion dollar corporations. He focused on research, information technology, manufacturing, process control and engineering. He has managed multi-million dollar projects in all of the engineering disciplines, including projects involving computers and computer programming, telecommunications systems, process control, process engineering, marine engineering, environmental remediation and online analyzers. He has specific technical expertise in chemical process industry (CPI) technologies, including chlor-alkali, polystyrene polymers, ABS copolymers, bromine and brominated derivatives manufacturing, SB latex, expanded polystyrene foams, cogeneration and other petro-chemical related technologies. Much of the research and computer programming technology he has developed has been documented in technical reports.

Jerry received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University (cum laude) in 1979, and his J.D. from the University of Connecticut (with honors) in 2000. He is a licensed chemical engineer in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Louisiana.

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